[Watch Video] Alleged Wizkid Sextape. . .


Nude Wizkid, allegedly

The link below depicts two individuals engaged in coitus. It is alleged that the male is the video is notable Nigerian singer, WizKid. Is it truly him? . . and if its him, what is the big deal? I’m curious but who is that THICK mama he’s shagging???

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27 responses to “[Watch Video] Alleged Wizkid Sextape. . .

  1. it him,am nt surprise ‘cos i neva like him.at 21 or 22,its a big shame,fucking hs mum’s age mate.what a motherfuker…

  2. this is not wiz kid and i can prove this video to the whole Nigeria’s ..Hater stop this … free that innocent boy and let him live is life….. if you wanna know more about this video SeX tape i can give you the link to the video and that girl in question i have contacted her and mind you all she is not a Nigerian and She will never be one .

    • @blogger why do you think that’s stupid? i really don’t see anything wrong with that scene. the truth is that small guys like them fat to meet the balance, and Africans like them fleshy! …am even sure you are a yoruba man lol

  3. well the only mistake this person made is that, he was not security conscious. and thank Almighty God that the person no be Gay ! ! !

  4. the only thing i have to say about this scandal is dat, even if the male in this video is wizkid, people should try and mind their buisness. And if this is the handwork of his enemies, sky is his begining…….. So its better for u stop beating a dead horse, leave him alone, let him enjoy his life.

  5. you people should just stop all this even if it’s him or not god is the only one that knows it, so you people should stop judging him and judge yourself. only people that have nothing to do are people that have time to say all this shit.

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