Exclusive interview: Success Story of Ko-Jo Cue

kojo cue

Its always a pleasure to sit down with an artist who inspires his generation with his art and delivers projects that uplift and motivate his followers. Ko-Jo Cue is one such act and he is also a very intriguing character so we do not miss an opportunity to get inside his head. On the third day of the release of his mixtape ‘Before We Shine 2: The Cremation of Care’ to critical acclaim, we sit down with him to discuss a few things.

233 Music (2M): Been a while since you dropped a full length project like BWS2, what have you been up to?

Ko-Jo Cue (K.C) – I’ve been schooling, working and recording. Put out my first ever visual last year and it was pretty well received so I guess it’s paying off. I will be releasing a lot more projects this year than I did last year though.

2M: How was the response for the video and the singles like?

K.C – The video like I said earlier was pretty well received, its currently rotating on Channel O, Multi TV, Fiesta TV, Crystal TV, and 4syte. Our goal was to get it on Channel O and we got that done so now we moving on to better things. The singles were a lot more successful, especially ‘Lie Ben’ with Asem. Winning didn’t do too bad either, in actual fact I’ve had a streak of wins since I dropped that song.


2M: How did ‘Lie Ben’ the collabo with Asem Happen?

K.C – It was supposed to happen about a year before it actually did. He came around to work with Peewezel and we played ‘Head Nod’ for him and he instantly wanted to work but we just needed to find the right beat. So when we both got in the same space, and agreed on a beat, it was pretty easy. We banged out 3 songs in the space of 4hours, one for him, one for me and the last for Kankam.

2M: Do you have any additional plans for the single?

K.C – Yeah, we have a video in the works. I won’t say much about it, will wait till it drops because I don’t like unnecessary hype.


2M: The new project, BWS 2, what was the idea behind its creation?

K.C – The idea behind the whole project is to inspire people on the verge of getting a foot in the door as far as whatever dream they are chasing is concerned. I sort of realised over the years I have been knocking on the doors of this game that it takes a certain level of ‘hippieness’, some I-don’t-care attitude to make it. People and situations are going to try and affect whatever you believe in so to stay on your path and get to your destination early, you have to cremate your care and get to a level where no opinion counts except the opinions that will push you towards your dream. Same goes for life too.

2M: Do you feel like you get your messages across to the fans how you want to?

K.C – Nope, not really but I believe in time they will get the full picture. Its mosaic so I expect people not to get the whole idea from jump because it’s more dense, intense and serious than it looks on the surface. Most of the time the real message goes over the heads of the masses but I never worry about that because I believe when a message is meant for you, you will get it, no matter how long it takes.

2M: Will you tone down the message just to appeal to the vast majority?

K.C – I believe in simplicity and it’s even harder than being complex. I also believe if the people who the message is intended for don’t get it, then I have failed in my duty as a medium. So I try as much as possible to always make it simple in nature but dense when it’s thought through over time. So you might get more diverse angles to the message the deeper you delve but the original message remains simple so it doesn’t get lost.

2M: What are the plans for the future?

K.C – very simple, more visuals and bring the message to as many ears as possible.

2M: Any last words?

K.C – Yeah, May we all gain enlightenment before our earthly journey is over or may we be reborn in better capacities so we can gain it in our next life, Peace!!!

Click to Download his latest projects below:

>> ‘Before We Shine 2’  mixtape (released Jan 28, 2013)

>> Lie Ben ft Asem

Watch ‘The Flood’ Video below:

Link up with Ko-Jo Cue on Twitter: @kojo_cue  …. Facebook: Kojo Amankwah Cue


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